PURE Streets Photography by Lynda Arnold is the continuation of a dream I had nearly 35 years ago. Once a young photographer, I embraced a photojournalistic body of work as a way to leave my footprint in the sand. Those photos remain today in the form of color slides and black and white negatives boxed up in the garage.

Falling in love, getting married, having children, becoming a schoolteacher and all the other details of a busy life did not provide the focus I require to continue producing photographs. So, I set my cameras down thinking someday I would return to the art form I have always revered.

Now that my daughters are grown women off living their lives, I find myself with renewed and refreshed energy to pursue photography once again. My photographs are celebrations of the world around me. Making a conscious choice to never photoshop my work, I am enamored with the act of bringing different photos together in a collage format. Linking two or three photographs together allows me to play with light, shadow, color and texture to express how I view the beautiful and ordinary world in which I live.